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The Budget

We need to take a hard look at the revenue side of the equation and find new ways to generate funds for city operations. 

Growing up in Westmoreland, I know how important Keene is as the central hub for the smaller towns of Cheshire County and we have also become a year-round destination- we need to work together to identify options for how those visitors can help to contribute to the expensive infrastructure they enjoy.

​In addition, the City of Keene has many assets. I will work hard on the City Council to seek out opportunities to generate revenue by increasing the percentage of time that those assets are productive.

​My experience at C&S uniquely positions me to review revenue opportunities and help to identify all of the potential positive and negative impacts of each option.

For more info on my background please see my bio, linked below:

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Affordable Housing 

Keene's housing supply does not match the demand. There is a lack of young adult and family housing. Many people are currently looking for the flexibility of an apartment with modern amenities. We should work hard to ensure that Keene’s available rental properties are upgraded and attractive to prospective residents.

Hundred Nights shelter has been trying to expand and find a new location. The city has a legal and moral obligation to care for people needing shelter. A group of passionate representatives of the public, stakeholders, and the City need to work together to come up with a solution that meets all needs.

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Other Issues?

What other issues would you like me to post about?

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